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Monday, 15 November 2010

How to taste better !!

Cooking takes you through a journey with every step in the recipe changing as life does.

The other day i threw a Bacon Rasher into a pan..a hot smoking pan and realized at times life does the same ,ie,throws us into a hot pan.You sit there all salt...just a pair of tongs, like people, who make sure you are depleted and all your energy darined out like fat from the Bacon !You go through the bubbbling phase where one minute you think you are out of the heat and the next minute you are back in.

Then someone brings you out of the Pan,bites into you and you are blessed to feed an appettite.In the whole process you soon realize the bacon tastes better when grilled unlike sitting on a supermarket shelf in a packet with many other's.

Everyone is different.Some of us are the Chicken that needs a lot of help..a lot of seasoning, when facing the heat.Some are vegetables that need care in the oven or the pan and yes don't forget the whole leg of Lamb that needs patience !!

The only difference lies in the fact that unlike the instructions on the packet of Bacon rashers life never says how long will you stay in the hot pan.All of us are different have different instructions however all of us taste better when we go through the grilling process !!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

Fish Rechade'.

A masala made by grinding Kashmiri chillies that have been soaked in Toddy Vinegar for abt 8 hrs.These chillies are then ground into a paste with spices and is called Rechade'.

The Fish is marinated in Rechade' masala and Pan fried ,a Goan beach favourite served usually with a chilled glass of Lager!!

The 3 stages of a `Raan Degh Biryani ....The Raan,The Yakhni Pulao and the finished Biryani.

`Raan'=Lamb Leg pre-marinated for 12 hrs and pan fried to seal in the Juices and flavours.

`Raan' is then is slow cooked with `Yakhni Pulao'(Rice cooked in Lamb Stock) and herbs for a melt in the mouth finish,`Raan Degh Biryani'.

The longer it is cooked the better is the break up of tendons and ligaments that disintegrates from the meat and muscles .This is a method of cooking is intended to maintain the integrity of ingredients by heating them for an extended period at relatively low temperatures. Food is cooked for a long time, sometimes well over 4hours at 140°c depending on the quantity.

Another version of the same method of cookingis adapted in restaurants all over the world.This method is called `Sous Vide'.The method, first described by Sir Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford) in 1799, was re-discovered by Georges Pralus in the mid-1970s for the Restaurant Troisgros (of Pierre and Michel Troigros) in Roanne, France. He discovered that when foie gras was cooked in this manner it kept its original appearance, did not lose excess amounts of fat and had better texture.[2] Another pioneer in the science of sous-vide is Bruno Goussault, who further researched the effects of temperature on various foods and became well-known for training top chefs in the method.

The difference lies in the fact that unlike Indian `Degh'or One pot cooking Sous Vide uses Vacum sealed bags of meats in a water bath.

Monday, 12 April 2010

The Biryani Brunch..

`The Sunday Biryani Brunch'

Drive around Saturday Morning....Party Saturday night.....get up late Sunday Morning for a brunch at `Go Aahh'.

£15 for 5 course Brunch at 2 pm:

Green Mango Panha

(Green Mango and Mint Mocktail)


Chicken Cheese Kebab

(a `Go Aahh' version of the evergreen Chicken Malai Kebab)

Paneer Amritsari

(Carom seed flavoured batterfried Cottage cheese Pakoras)

Subz Degh Biryani

(Spring Vegetables and Basmati rice scented with cardamom and Vitivier root water)

Raan Degh Biryani

(One -pot cooked Roast Leg of Lamb and Rice )

Burani raita

(Burnt Garlic flavoured raita)

Dahi Baigan

(Fried Aubergine raita)




Kulfi with Raspberry and Rhubarb Compote

(Eggless Milk ice cream with Raspberry and Rhubarb compote)

Gulab Jamun

(Thickened milk nuggets steeped in a saffron flavoured syrup)


Chocolate Brownie Bites

Kindly mail us at

for all bookings and enquiries.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Munch Bunch-Afternoon Tea at `GoAhh'.

The Munch Bunch are

a series of children's books, written by British author Denis Bond .

The Munch Bunch are a group of unwanted vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts who were swept to the corner of a shop but ran away together and set up home in and around an old, forgotten garden shed.

We At `Goahh' have created recipes using these vegetables,fruits,legumes and nuts and in an attempt to get them back to the dining table.

We offer an Afternoon Tea Canape menu using The Munch Bunch in our snack recipes on the 11th of April 2010!!

Sample Menu:

Olly Onion & Spinach Bhaaji

(Batterfried Onion and Spinach served with Mint chutney )

Rory Rhubarb & Rozzy Raspberry Shrikhand

(Rhubarb and Raspberry Cheesecake like dessert made with Low fat hung yoghurt)

Penny Parsnip & Spud Potato Vada

(Parsnip and Potato Croquttes tempered with mustard seeds,Curry leaves,Corriander and Ginger)

Emma Apple Jalebis

(Cinnamon infused Apple Fritters)

All served with Our homemade Masala Tea and South Indian Filtered Coffee..

For Bookings and information mail us at:

Friday, 2 April 2010



a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning - something like "self-engendered, shaped by one's own energy''

`Go Ahh'

``Shaped by one's own ethics ''

A lot of people ,a lot of times have asked me what is `Go Aahh' it a restaurant ?a house party event that happens every week?Some even said it was a confused concept(:-/).

For me `Go Aahh' is Svayambh will shape itself by it's own energy/ethics.

In `Go Aahh' i am offering a buffet of different concepts.It accepts some and of course healthily..rejects some through it's guest who dine.

This Buffet will close down soon and we will have a selected ensemble of dishes that make 'Go Ahh' a Dining Zone with a menu created by guests for the guests.

Attend as many `Go Aahh' evenings you can to have your prefered dish in the GRAND CULMINATION,ie, the MENU of `Go Aahh' !!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

endure [ɪnˈdjʊə]

1. to undergo (hardship, strain, privation, etc.) without yielding; bear
2. (tr) to permit or tolerate
3. (intr) to last or continue to exist ....

That was one of the definations for endurability and

Goaahh faces it's first endurability test this week when we go downhill with bookings for the Beatles and Bollywood 70's fusion evening....

To tolerate is one thing that suits us but to last or continue to exist... suits us the best because team `Goaahh' believes endurability is not compromised by temporary failures.

Also this test has made me pay more attention to Shops & restaurants we can see while walking down the high street.Restaurants that stare in the face with empty and cold tables and chairs.A place,a dream that limps but is still trying to walk .Before today we just sat and said how difficult would it be for someone to be so lonely and yet be so preoccupied with the pressure of existence but today we know how challenging it is as well .It's like walking down Lover's Lane holding your own hand !

In times like these you either fight to become better and find new love in ideas and the battle to exist or you give up and tick another box of failures.It is also the time that makes you realize that walking the path is more difficult than knowing the path.

Lesson learnt :
failing once doesn't mean you're a failure,it just means you haven't succeeded yet!

We KnOw you'll bE WIth Us AnD HElp Us BOUNce bacK ............
We want to because we know we can, we want to because you made us believe we will !!